London Big Bed – Guest House

The London Big Bed Guest House has been designed to give you all the modern amenities and character of home. You’ll be hard pressed to find another place to stay like this anywhere in the city! Kept extremely clean and family friendly, the competitively priced stay will contain no nasty hidden costs. We believe in good honest business, and that’s why we’re such a popular choice!

Our past guests always praise us on our accommodating staff and customer-centric business style. At the heart of everything we do, we want to provide for our guests. Make yourself at home!

Hostel in London
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Hostel in London


As a business we have the pleasure of being situated in the UK’s capital city, a fast paced and deeply historical place with a population of over 7 million people. From the age of the British Empire, London has been a city that influences the world, these days it is a leader in fashion, food and art, much of which stems from the multicultural nature of life here. Today, the city is full of activity and at the centre of business, media and innovation globally.

Across the city you’ll find endless adventures to be had, from historical tours and museums to explore, to world famous landmarks like Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. Our staff live in the city, they’ll let you in on all the local knowledge and information that you might need to know to really have a unique trip.

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Big Bed Offers

Extremely comfortable and bright in design, the Guest House can host up to 13 people maximum. With 5 fully furnished bedrooms, you’ll find everything you need for a convenient stay prepared and ready for you when you arrive.

The general lounge area is for the use of all guests, making it a brilliant spot to catch up on a little TV or to learn more about other guests. Our fantastic staff are also always on hand to answer any questions about tours or transport. As previously mentioned, the kitchen is full of all the utensils and electronic equipment needed to prepare hot and cold meals, for consumption in your room or for packed lunch to take while you explore.

With regard to pricing, our rates our very competitive. We offer various discounts and benefits so go visit our Pricing page for more information on this.

Hostel in London
Hostel in London

Additional Information

As per British law, it is not permitted to smoke indoors. We do have an allocated smoking area, however, in our gorgeous back garden. Beautifully landscaped and maintained all year round. Make the most of this space!

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